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Chimica Fisica

cf molecolab

MoLECoLab Modelling Light & Environment in Complex Systems Multiscale Modelling of complex (bio)systems through hybrid quantum/classical strategiesMultiscale
Modelling of complex (bio)systems through hybrid quantum/classical strategies
Benedetta Mennucci, Filippo Lipparini, Lorenzo Cupellini, Mattia Bondanza, Felipe Cardoso Ramos, Michele Nottoli

cf Thermolab

Chemical physical, calorimetric and thermo-analytical characterization of: Biological macromolecules and materials for biomedical applications; Solid-solid transitions in molecules of pharmaceutical interest; Ageing and degradation processes of materials in archeologic and cultural heritage manufacts; Halloysite nanotubes loaded with bioactive substances, proteins and metal nanoparticles for smart materials; Valuable molecules from plants and agricultural feedstock and nanoparticles for biomedical applications obtained by coaxial MW assisted extraction/synthesis.
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Maria Rosaria Tiné, Celia Duce, Luca Bernazzani, Chiara Pelosi, Silvia Pizzimenti, Rita Carosi, Elena Pulidori

cf SMSLab

- Liquid crystalline elastomers and their composites: preparation, physical-chemical characterization and applications as soft-actuators and smart materials
- NMR investigations of partially ordered soft materials (i.e. Liquid Crystals, functionalized nanoparticles as MRI contrast agent)
- Development of spectroscopic non-destructive methods (Front-face fluorescence, UV-visible and NMR) to characterize agricultural and food products.
Valentina Domenici, Mario Cifelli

cf quantum chemistry

Quantum Monte Carlo, Electron Correlation, Quantum Entropy, Density Matrices, Energy Surfaces, Complex Systems
Claudio Amovilli, Franca Maria Floris
Methods and Applications in Computational Nonadiabatic Dynamics, Singlet Fission, Phototherapy, Molecular Switches,  Photoresponsive Materials
Giovanni Granucci, Maurizio Persico:
Bulk Phase simulations with accurate Force Fields derived by Quantum Mechanics
Ivo Cacelli, Alessandro Tani

cf Solid state NMR

1- Applications of solid state NMR spectroscopy to pharmaceuticals.
2- Applications of solid state NMR spectroscopy to complex materials.
3- Applications of solid state NMR spectroscopy to soft matter.
4- Development of experimental and data analysis methods for solid state NMR spectroscopy.
Marco Geppi, Francesca Martini, Elisa Carignani, Donata Catalano, Laura Carbonaro