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Chimica Industriale

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Polymer modification for recycling: polymer functionalization for reversible crosslinking of elastomers and upcycling (upgrade in recycling) of thermoplastics.
Colloidal nanocomposites: controlled polymerization for multifunctional/hybrid colloidal nanoparticles as precursors of super-hydrophobic/smart coatings and tagged biomedical nanodevices.
Micro- and nanoplastics in the environment: new analytical methods for their monitoring and for understanding their effects in the environment.
Nanocomposite elastomeric films: total UV-filters based on siliconic nanocomposite elastomers as protective synthetic skin substitute.
Valter Castelvetro, Sabrina Bianchi, Andrea Corti, Antonella Manariti


Polymers with chromogenic properties: synthesis and polymer modification with chromogenic probes sensing to chemical, mechanical and thermal stimuli.
Polymer nanocomposites: preparation of thermoplastic and elastomeric nanocomposites containing graphitic fillers and nanoparticles for anti-friction features and electrical/thermal conductivity.
Polymers for renewable energy: preparation of high performance luminescent solar concentrators and NIR reflective coatings.
Polymers for medical applications and from renewable resources.
Andrea Pucci, Giacomo Ruggeri, Giuseppe Iasilli, Pierpaolo Minei, Francesco Criscitiello


Polymers for biomedical, food and cosmetic applications: synthesis and physicochemical, mechanical and biological characterization.
Renewable and sustainable polymers: study, chemical modification and application.
Smart polymers and nanogels: design and development of stimuli-responsive materials for biomedical/food/cosmetic applications.
Micro/nanostructured colloids: development of customized formulations for controlled and targeted release of biofunctional agents for biomedical/food/cosmetic applications.
Additive manufacturing of polymers and composites: development of micro/nanostructured 3D scaffolds for personalized regenerative medicine.
Federica Chiellini, Dario Puppi, Andrea Morelli, Alessio Massironi, Simona Braccini


Sustainable catalysis, optimization of process, complete valorization of biomasses, catalytic conversion for chemicals and biofuels, process safety, synthesis and application of nanostructured heterogeneous catalysts.
Anna Maria Raspolli Galletti, Giorgio Valentini, Claudia Antonetti, Marco Martinelli


Synthesis and application of functional polymers.
Polymeric materials for sustainable development.
Hierarchically self-assembling polymers.
Nanostructured and responsive polymer surfaces.
Giancarlo Galli, Elisa Martinelli