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Chimica Organica


Synthesis and characterization of stereodefined organic and organometallic compounds, oligomers and polymers
Lorenzo Di Bari, Gennaro Pescitelli, Laura Aronica, Gaetano Angelici, Francesco Zinna


Structure and stereochemistry of molecules and supramolecular aggregates Nanoparticles characterization Molecular and chiral recognition Reaction mechanisms Biopharmaceutical researches
Gloria Uccello Barretta, Federica Balzano


(Hetero)aromatic compounds, C-H bond activation, fluorescent dyes, NIR-absorbing pigments, functional materials, bioactive compounds
Fabio Bellina, Marco Lessi,
Angela Cuzzola


Enantioselective and enantiospecific synthesis of chiral organic compounds and glycoconjugates - Enantioresolutions
Anna Iuliano, Valeria Di Bussolo,
Alessandro Mandoli, Antonella Petri