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Supervisors: Prof. Lorenzo Di Bari, Dr. Laura Antonella Aronica

Title: Synthesis and characterization of chiral π-conjugated oligomers for innovative optoelectronic applications

In recent years, π-conjugated polymers and oligomers have found considerable attention as organic semiconductor in the field of optoelectronics; in this field a very important role is played by oligothiophene-based systems.
Their fundamental optical and electrical properties (light absorption and emission, charge transport, exciton transfer, etc.) depend not only on their chemical structure and conformation assumed, but also on the supramolecular interactions and nano/mesoscale organization in the solid-state. Chirality represents a way of controlling supramolecular aggregation of these systems: the introduction of chiral groups in their structure can drive them to organize, through highly specific and directional non-covalent interactions, into architectures with precise chiral geometries, where a perfect alignment between proximate chains is disfavoured with respect to a twisted arrangement. Moreover, non-racemic chiral π-conjugated systems can be studied using chiroptical spectroscopic techniques, in particular electronic circular dichroism (ECD) and circularly polarized luminescence (CPL), which give access to a range of structural information otherwise not observable with other common spectroscopies. However, more importantly, these compounds may be used as chiral organic semiconductors in novel optoelectronic applications: circularly polarized light sensors or emitters, transistors able to discriminate enantiomers, spin filters, etc.
The aim of this project is the synthesis and the characterization of new chiral π-conjugated oligomers for the realization of some innovative optoelectronic devices. Their supramolecular aggregation will be studied in solution and as thin films through optical (UV-Vis, fluorescence, NMR) and chiroptical (ECD, CPL) spectroscopies, in connection with optical microscopy analysis. Lastly, we will try to employ these systems as chiral organic semiconductor for circularly polarized light emitters (i.e. CP-OLED) or detectors (in particular CP-OFET).

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