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Supervisors:  Chiara Gabbiani, Tarita Biver

Title:  Metal N-heterocyclic carbenes as anticancer agents: synthesis, characterization and biological activity

Abstract:  Cisplatin and other platinum drugs currently used in the treatment of cancer have many drawbacks such as systemic toxicity, related resistance and tolerance mechanisms. Therefore, many efforts are being spent in the development of new metal based antitumor drugs. Among these, metal N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) turned out to be particularly promising. NHCs manifest similar donor properties to phosphines, thus affording very stable complexes. In addition, the imidazolium salt precursors are more easily synthesized than similarly functionalized phosphines. My project aims at the preparation, characterization of novel NHCs and at studying their interaction with biomolecules by using different spectroscopical, biological, biochemical techniques.

Publications:  M. Bortoluzzi, F. Guarra, F. Marchetti, G. Pampaloni, S. Zacchini, ‘Different outcomes in the reactions of WCl6 with carboxylic acids’, Polyhedron, 2015, 99, 141-146.

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