Bartalucci Niccolò


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Supervisors:  Prof. Marchetti Fabio

Title:  Exploiting the Potentiality of High Valent Transition Metal Halides in Organic Synthesis

High oxidation state transition metal halides can promote unusual activation of a variety of organic substrates, affording organic products which can be difficult to obtain by conventional organic synthesis. The reactivity of WCl6 and niobium and tantalum pentahalides with redox non-innocent organic compounds (e.g. α-diimines, α-ketoimines and α-dicarbonyls) will be the subject of this investigation.

Poster communications at congress:
“Synthesis and anticancer activity of osmium complexes containing ethacrynic acid”. G. Agonigi, N. Bartalucci, L. Biancalana, P. J. Dyson, M. A. Esteruelas, P. Gay, F. Marchetti, E. Oñate, G. Pampaloni, T. Riedel, I Merck Young Chemists Symposium, 2016, Rimini (Italy).

Publications on scientific jurnals (indexed by ISI)
“Synthesis and Antiproliferative Activity of New Ruthenium Complexes with Ethacrynic Acid-Modified Pyridine- and Triphenylphosphine-Ligands”, G. Agonigi, T. Riedel, S. Zacchini, E. Păunescu, G. Pampaloni, N. Bartalucci, P. J. Dyson, F. Marchetti, Inorg. Chem., 2015, 54, 6504–6512.

Oral communications at congress: