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Prof. Andrea Pucci

Associate Professor in Industrial Chemistry 
Address : Via Moruzzi, 13 - Pisa
Phone :  +39 050 2219270
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Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry



The Third International Symposium on Aggregation Induced Emission: Materials, Mechanisms and Applications. ICMAT 2017 | 18 - 23 June 2017 | Suntec Singapore



2003 Ph.D in Chemistry, University of Pisa
1999 Degree in Chemistry, University of Pisa, Summa cum Laude

Research Interests      

His most recent scientific interests are expressed in the field of polymeric materials science with particular attention to the preparation, modification and characterization of mono-or multiphase polymer systems with functional properties for applications such as active and intelligent materials responsive to external stimuli of various kinds, or for applications in the energy field. They include the following 3 main research lines:

1) study of thermoplastic polymer materials responsive to different external stimuli (mechanical, light, temperature, vapours) on the basis of aggregachromic fluorophores;

2) preparation of new electro- or ionic-conduction  polymeric materials for the development of generators of alternative energy sources;  Preparation and characterization of luminescent solar concentrators for photovoltaics.

3) preparation and characterization of polymeric dispersants and viscosity improvers for lubricants and fuels detergents (collaboration with ENI). Study of the dispersion behaviour of carbon nanostructures in organic matrices.


Associate Editor of RSC Advances (Royal Society of Chemistry)

Member of the Editorial Board of the Polymers for Advanced Technologies (Wiley)

Selected Publications      

Author of more than 90 peer-reviewed scientific articles. 2 journal covers. 5 Book chapters. 5 Patents. H-index = 24. Most recent papers:

(1)  Sottile, M.; Tomei, G.; Borsacchi, S.; Martini, F.; Geppi, M.; Ruggeri, G.; Pucci, A. Epoxy Resin doped with Coumarin 6: Example of accessible luminescent collectors. European Polymer Journal 2017, 89, 23.

(2)  Pucci, A.; De Nisi, F.; Battisti, A.; Panniello, A.; Fanizza, E.; Francischello, R.; Striccoli, M.; Gu, X.; Leung, N. L. C.; Tang, B. Z. A red-emitting AIEgen for luminescent solar concentrators. Materials Chemistry Frontiers 2017, DOI:10.1039/C7QM00008A 10.1039/C7QM00008A.

(3)  Iasilli, G.; Martini, F.; Minei, P.; Ruggeri, G.; Pucci, A. Vapochromic features of new luminogens based on julolidine-containing styrene copolymers. Faraday Discussions 2017, 196 (0), 113.

(4)  Criscitiello, F.; Scigliano, A.; Bianco, R.; Beccia, M. R.; Biver, T.; Pucci, A. Perylene bisimide metal complexes as new MWCNTs dispersants: Role of the metal ion in stability and temperature sensing. Colloids Surf., A 2017, 516, 32.

(5)  Calisi, N.; Salvo, P.; Melai, B.; Paoletti, C.; Pucci, A.; Di Francesco, F. Effects of thermal annealing on SEBS/MWCNTs temperature-sensitive nanocomposites for the measurement of skin temperature. Materials Chemistry and Physics 2017, 186, 456.

(6)  Battisti, A.; Minei, P.; Pucci, A.; Bizzarri, R. Hue-based quantification of mechanochromism towards a cost-effective detection of mechanical strain in polymer systems. Chemical Communications 2017, 53 (1), 248.

(7)  Ahmad, M.; Platonova, I.; Battisti, A.; Minei, P.; Brancato, G.; Pucci, A. Highly selective vapochromic fluorescence of polycarbonate films Doped with an ICT-Based solvatochromic probe. Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 2017, DOI:10.1002/polb.24367 10.1002/polb.24367, n/a.

(8)  Pucci, A.; Pavone, M.; Minei, P.; Munoz-Garcia, A. B.; Fanizza, E.; Cimino, P.; Rodriguez, A. Cost-effective Solar Concentrators based on Red Fluorescent Zn(II)-Salicylaldiminato Complex. RSC Advances 2016, 6, 17474.

(9)  Polgar, L. M.; Fortunato, G.; Araya-Hermosilla, R.; van Duin, M.; Pucci, A.; Picchioni, F. Cross-linking of rubber in the presence of multi-functional cross-linking aids via thermoreversible Diels-Alder chemistry. European Polymer Journal 2016, 82, 208.

(10) Minei, P.; Pucci, A. Fluorescent vapochromism in synthetic polymers. Polymer International 2016, 65 (6), 609.

(11) Lucarelli, J.; Lessi, M.; Manzini, C.; Minei, P.; Bellina, F.; Pucci, A. N-alkyl diketopyrrolopyrrole-based fluorophores for luminescent solar concentrators: Effect of the alkyl chain on dye efficiency. Dyes and Pigments 2016, 135, 154.

(12) Carlotti, M.; Ruggeri, G.; Bellina, F.; Pucci, A. Enhancing optical efficiency of thin-film luminescent solar concentrators by combining energy transfer and stacked design. Journal of Luminescence 2016, 171, 215.

(13) Bellina, F.; Manzini, C.; Marianetti, G.; Pezzetta, C.; Fanizza, E.; Lessi, M.; Minei, P.; Barone, V.; Pucci, A. Colourless p-phenylene-spaced bis-azoles for luminescent concentrators. Dyes and Pigments 2016, 134, 118.

(14) Araya-Hermosilla, R.; Pucci, A.; Araya-Hermosilla, E.; Pescarmona, P. P.; Raffa, P.; Polgar, L. M.; Moreno-Villoslada, I.; Flores, M.; Fortunato, G.; Broekhuis, A. al. An easy synthetic way to exfoliate and stabilize MWCNTs in a thermoplastic pyrrole-containing matrix assisted by hydrogen bonds. RSC Advances 2016, 6 (89), 85829.

(15) Araya-Hermosilla, R.; Lima, G. M. R.; Raffa, P.; Fortunato, G.; Pucci, A.; Flores, M. E.; Moreno-Villoslada, I.; Broekhuis, A. A.; Picchioni, F. Intrinsic self-healing thermoset through covalent and hydrogen bonding interactions. European Polymer Journal 2016, 81, 186.

(16) Araya-Hermosilla, R.; Fortunato, G.; Pucci, A.; Raffa, P.; Polgar, L.; Broekhuis, A. A.; Pourhossein, P.; Lima, G. M. R.; Beljaars, M.; Picchioni, F. Thermally reversible rubber-toughened thermoset networks via Diels–Alder chemistry. European Polymer Journal 2016, 74, 229.


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