Gomez Bernal Hilda

bernal gomez

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Supervisors:  Anna Maria Raspolli Galletti, Tiziana Funaioli

Title:  Magnetic Nanocatalysts for green chemistry: Synthesis and applications. A study from fresh to spent.

This PhD project deals with the synthesis characterization and applications of M-doped magnetite based nanocatalysts, where M stands for Cu, Pd, Ru, Cu-Ni, Ni-Sn. The proposed catalysts will be synthesized by an innovative microwave assisted hydrothermal method following the principles of Green Chemistry and will be properly characterized to assess magnetic properties (VSM) and to elucidate consequent structure-catalytic performance relationships in both oxidation and hydrogenation reactions concerning furfural, an outstanding renewable molecule with high industrial scope. Complete characterization of the spent catalysts is also programmed in order to get some insights on catalysts’ stability.


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Oral communications at congress:

• “Corn stover valorization to high energy furan liquids by microwave assisted autohydrolysis followed by solid acid dehydration. A green mineral acid-free approach". H. Gomez-Bemal, A.M. Raspolli Galletti. 4th Workshop on Green Chemistry and Nanotechnologies in Polymer Chemistry. 2013 (Pisa) ltaly.

• “Solvent effects during oxidation/extraction desulfurization process of aromatic sulfur compounds from fuels", H. Gomez Bemal and L. Cedeño Caero, CRE X conference “lnnovations in chemical reactor engineering”. 2005 (Zacatecas) Mexico

Poster communications at congress:

• "Efficient oxidation of biomass derivatives to furan monomers in the presence of magnetic catalysts'. A.M, Raspolli Galletti, T. Funaioli, A. Ricciardi, E. Bertolucci, H. Gomez Bemal, M. Martinelli. Congress of the European Polymer Federation. 2013 (Pisa) ltaly.

• "Liquid phase oxidation of dibenzothiophene with alumina-supported vanadium oxide catalysts: An altemative to deep desulphunzation of diesel", Hilda Gómez Bemal and Luis Cedeño Caero. 6th lntemational Symposium on Group Five Elements. 2008 (Poznan) Poland.

• "Oxidative Desulfurization of Mexican diesel using supported vanadium based catalysts”. H. Gomez-Bemal, L. Cedeño Caero, A. Fraustro Cuevas, R. Cuevas Garcia. 20th North American Meeting (NAM). 2007 (Houston) USA.