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Supervisors:  Prof. Fabio Marchetti

Title:  Synthesis of organometallic ruthenium and iridium complexes and investigation of their potential as water oxidation catalysts

Abstract: Artificial photosynthesis enables the possibility of generating clean and sustainable energy resources through water splitting. Although numerous strategies are reported, the main drawback to efficient solar water splitting is the development of robust and long-lasting water oxidation catalysts.
The aim of this project is the design and the synthesis of novel ruthenium and iridium complexes as potential water oxidation catalysts.
We have synthesised new ruthenium complexes with variable N-chelating ligands and containing two metal centres, respectively playing a photosensitive and a catalytic role.; a new mononuclear ruthenium complex with a pentadentate ligand based on phenanthroline; and more recently we have prepared iridium complexes containing cyclopentadienyl ligands variably sybstituted.
All the prepared compounds have been characterized by spectroscopic and analytical techniques and their activity in water oxidation catalysis has been evaluated in collaboration with prof. Sebastiano Campagna (University of Messina), prof. Antoni Llobet (ICIQ of Tarragona) and prof. Alceo Macchioni (University of Perugia).

A general strategy to add diversity to ruthenium arene complexes with bioactive organic compounds via a coordinated (4-hydroxyphenyl) diphenylphosphine ligand;
L. Biancalana, L. K. Batchelor, A. De Palo, S. Zacchini, G. Pampaloni, P. J Dyson, F. Marchetti, Dalton Transactions, 2017, 46, 11973.

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Design and synthesis of dinuclear ruthenium(II) complexes with polyazotate bridging ligands toward artificial photosynthetic systems.