Tarita Biver

Dr. Tarita Biver
Assistant Professor (Ricercatore)
Address : Via Moruzzi, 13 - Pisa
Phone :  +39 050 2219259
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2005 Ph.D in Chemistry, “Galileo Galilei” Excellence School of the University of Pisa

2000 Degree in Chemistry, University of Pisa, Summa cum Laude

Research Interests      
The research activity is devoted to the combined use of kinetic and thermodynamic approaches to get information on complex systems.
For these studies spectrophotometric, spectrofluorometric and fast kinetics or chemical relaxation techniques (Stopped-flow, T-jump) are used, eventually together with electrophoresis and viscometry.

In particular, the scientific activity finds expression mainly in the following fields:

1) kinetics and thermodynamics of formation of metal complexes (principally of biological and biomedical interest) in solution;

2) kinetics and thermodynamics of small molecules interaction with polynucleotides (natural and synthetic DNAs and RNAs);

3) kinetics and thermodynamics of metal extraction from liquid wastes by means of micelle-ligand systems.

229CC  Fondamenti di Chimica Analitica per Corso di Laurea in Chimica

Biver Tarita Publications

Kinetics and Equilibria in Solution -  Prof. F. Secco Group