Green and White Analytical Chemistry as potential tools in food and environmental analysis

Martedì 5 marzo 2024 - Ore 10:30 - Aula 23
Prof.ssa Bárbara Socas Rodríguez
Departamento de Química, Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife, España, Visiting Professor nell'ambito di Erasmus Staff Mobility Agreement

The development of sustainable approaches has gained great relevance in any sector of our society in recent years. In analytical chemistry, the concept and application of green analytical chemistry and, most recently, white analytical chemistry have become the main trends in the area. Developing more environmentally friendly analytical strategies based on using novel materials and miniaturised procedures is one of the lines of action in this sense. Additionally, the advances in the area have allowed the application of these new approaches in important fields such as food and environmental safety, in which not only the sustainability of the analytical process is crucial, but also the reliability of the results obtained from its application. This seminar will discuss some of the most recent applications of sustainable analytical methodologies for evaluating organic contaminants in food and environmental matrices.